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Langham Hotel Gym Hong Kong
Langham Hotel Gym with a view


Travel should be healthier for the frequent traveler and that’s where we come in. We are building a hotel booking platform that takes away the pains of travel for people who love to stay active during a trip. Gymaround is a unique combination of a (business) hotel booking site and a service platform with exclusive health upgrades (products, services) at your destination.


Gymaround is selected for the Spring 2016 Edition of the Wellness Accelerator (H-FARM) by Technogym. At GYMAROUND we’re developing products and services to stay active and good looking! When traveling, you need places to boost your vitality, make friends and feel connected again. Gymaround helps you to book hotels with active DNA and to feel bliss and balance.

Rooftop Pool at Gran Hotel Central in Barcelona
Rooftop Pool at Gran Hotel Central in Barcelona

Two Entrepreneurs

Rob Does- Rob drives Gymaround’s strategic vision and manages investor relations. Before Gymaround Rob was a serial entrepreneur in marketing, publishing and data mining. Rob is passionate about people, sports, and global networking.
ROB’s FAVORITE COMMUNITIES: Workfrom, Fitocracy and Pixabay.

Alexander de Jong- Alexander fearlessly leads our engineering team and is responsible for Gymarounds website technology. His focus & passion is on smart design, SEO and fast backend architecture. He lives in Milan (Italy) and enjoys the Med’s lifestyle.
ALEXANDER’s FAVORITE COMMUNITIES: Slack Chats and Advanced WordPress

The challenge

We love exercising, running and staying active whenever we can. And we know from personal experience how difficult and frustrating it is to find a gym and stay fit traveling from city to city. We have found out that many hotel gyms are little more than a converted hotel room with a treadmill, some dumbbells and many mirrors.

That’s why we started GymAround; the global wellness community that helps to make travel healthier. Staying active while traveling can make all the difference. Our members enjoy our gyms, guaranteed access and special deals. We have partner clubs in San Francisco, Singapore, Barcelona, Berlin, Istanbul, New York and many more locations.

Finding a fitness center during our trips has become our second nature and we work out in welcoming clubs, take a yoga class with the best yoga masters and even find time for some spinning lessons. With GymAround, you can too!

Park Hyatt Tokyo Best Hotel Gym with a view
Park Hyatt Tokyo Best Hotel Gym with a view


As a privately owned, founder-led company, we’re able to work fast and respond to our customers’ needs without anything getting in our way. We invest in club networking, website technology, customer support, and great design. That obviously takes up a lot our money. If you believe in our mission and want to explore investment opportunities, we’d love to meet up. Investors can help us break the ceiling, hit the next level and create a sustainable business for ourselves as well. Join our mission and create a healthier business trip for yourself and others. Just send us an email and we’ll take it from there…

The Akasha Gym at the Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam
The Akasha Gym at the Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam